Sara Crompton Meade

proofreading & editing


My international experience is also broad, having lived and worked in New Zealand, England, Hong Kong and France. These experiences contribute to my sound knowledge of the differences that exist in written language from one culture to the next.

My family and I lived in Toulouse, France for five years before returning to live in Auckland, New Zealand, where life is good, the weather is wonderful, the schools are fantastic, and our children are (now) bilingual.

​I am the author of a book Waking Up in France, available on Amazon in English and French. I write a blog of conversational book reviews with a friend, Joanna and Sara Read Books, and  I also edit and manage my father's blogsite, The Writings of a Lancashire Lad

I am a native English speaker born in New Zealand with a Bachelor degree in English and Psychology, a Certificate in Proofreading and Editing, plus a TEFL Diploma (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), with a Business English component. 

I have a growing international client base across a wide range of disciplines, including economics, biology, medical science, psychology, education and history. As my work is computer-based, my clients are situated around the world (France, USA, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, New Zealand, Italy, Japan, etc).